Counting My Blessings

It's like it was yesterday
I was a praying for a miracle,
Scared to have a little hope;
And now looking back today,
Seeing all the things You've done.
I can't even add them up.

One, two, three,
Up to infinity -
I'd run out of numbers
Before I could thank You for everything.

God, I'm still counting my blessings
All that You've done in my life
The more that I look in the details
The more of Your goodness I find
Father on this side of Heaven
I know that I'll run out of time
But I will keep counting my blessings
Knowing I can't count that high.

And I know the seasons never lost forever
So God, I will remember
All of the reasons my heart has to be grateful
All the times You've been faithful to me.

Music and Lyrics by
Jordan Sapp / Jonathan Gamble / Seph Schlueter